Too shy for online dating

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And knowing that you have something to say can make you less nervous. If you are well capable of doing the second quote, the first is just an excuse you are giving yourself to drown in self pity. I hate bars, I hate places where you can't talk and all you do is pose. I also do not like talking in the phone with strangers. What I am trying to tell you is that if you want something bad enough, you figure it out, you overcome the anxiety, the shyness and do what you have to do.Realize that we all can get depressed, that we can get rejected, but embrace getting out of your comfort zone. If you keep repeating this, eventually it becomes the excuse by which you justify all your shortcomings, instead of being something you use to become a better person.Then, I ended up getting a few jobs that were in customer service, and I had to stand and talk to people for hours, and deal with all kinds of nutty situations that arise trying to appease customers, deal with demands, etc.

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So instead of throwing yourself at situations that just make you want to withdraw, address the underlying issue. There are lots of introverts in the world, and lots of introverts on the internet, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that internet dating is comfortable for introverts, or shy people.Also, try brushing up on popular topics that can appeal to a variety of people.Knowledge of a few current events, latest movies and even the weather can make for basic conversation with strangers.This has happened so many times and there doesn't seem to be any exceptions for girls I even particularly get along with.Is it normal to be this shy to not be able to date somebody?

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