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If you have been living under a rock with the Geico man, then let me explain.

Paid shoots (where you are paid) Pretty simple: Someone pays you money for a photo shoot. If you are a photographer, you are paid to take photos.

When she joined a prestigious group, she told all of the girls to come to me for shots. Some of their friends saw my work and shot with me.

Some of the girls that I shot referred me to other people to shoot… Ironically, sometimes becoming a better professional means taking some time to not be a professional.

One of my first breakthroughs was when I paid my first model for a shoot.

When you have shot with a well-established photographer, you expand your network and also get images that are most likely of better quality than those knocking your door down to shoot with you “for free.” For years all I did were trade shoots.

Well, now I want to convince you to shoot trades as well. Psshhhh, I have people lining up to pay to shoot me. But there is so much more to being a “professional” model or photographer than getting paid.

When you are getting paid for a shoot you can only expect to get one thing out of that shoot: Money. You can’t expect a tear sheet, great shots for your portfolio, to learn something new, or even experience from your shoot.

This is how you make money getting paid to do what you do.

I won’t talk about these shoots because everyone should be doing them. Paid shoots (where you pay someone else) These are shoots for specific purposes.

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