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After spending her teen years curating her life into a polished, barely-clothed sun-kissed world her followers, she said, would finally see the truth.

One photo, she explained, had had to be taken over a hundred times to get absolutely right and in another she revealed she was paid hundreds of pounds to wear a certain dress.

Don't forget to pray for your children all the time – and especially if you sense something isn't right.

The Slaytons have been featured on Fox and Friends, Focus on the Family Radio and numerous other media outlets.

To get my numbers up, I have to post daily feel-good shots that (supposedly) let people in on my everyday life.

The more aspirational the better; workouts, behind the scenes on shoots and holiday snaps of me looking great somewhere exotic are the aim of the game.

I found it under her bed and decided to check her texts (she does not know that I remembered her password when we set it up a year ago).

I was shocked to find out that she had lied to me about shopping.

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