Turkmen dating

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Turkmen carpets are legendary; sumptuously woven of wool, with its distinctive palette of deep reds patterned with traditional ghels – the symbolic motifs and talismans of tribe and region.Historically this was an area dominated by political forces scuffling across the territory.

While society is changing, the traditional customs and rituals of the matchmaking process and the wedding ceremony are still precisely observed.

Turkmen melons, with their sweet honey scent, are world famous.

Turkmenistan National Dress The national dress of Turkmenistan has changed very little over the centuries.

The bakhshi accompanies himself on the two-stringed dutar and every two hours he will take a short break, drinking tea and chatting.

Turkmenistan Bazaars On Sundays, the Tolkuchka bazaar is the best place to view the intricate and unique Turkmen carpets from all over the country.

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