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It’s also completely free (apart from the Windows 10 license), and a shared Dropbox / Google Drive / One Drive folder can make data transfers a bit easier. Your Mac needs at least 2GB of RAM (4GB of RAM would be better) and at least 30GB of free hard drive space to properly run Boot Camp.

You’ll also need at least a 16GB flash drive so Boot Camp can create a bootable drive to install Windows 10.

The main issue you’ll have is battery life, as we barely got 3 hours of usage on a full charge.

Will it change when Apple updates Boot Camp for Windows 10?

Check all the boxes, make sure your flash drive is plugged in, and click continue.

Select the Windows 10 ISO location (Boot Camp automatically found it in my Downloads folder), and choose the USB drive as the destination, and click Continue.

Boot Camp doesn’t allow you to easily transfer content between OS X and Windows partitions like virtual machines do, and you can’t run the two operating systems simultaneously.

But it does give Windows full access to the processing power of your Mac.

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It’s definitely an inconvenience, but not one big enough to say you shouldn’t give Windows 10 on Mac a try.Select the partition labeled "Boot Camp," format it for NFTS, and continue with the installation.You’ll go through the setup wizard where Windows will ask you for the product key and you’ll be on your way.Click on the partition with the corresponding operating system you want to use.If Windows 10 is giving you issues or you just want to get rid of it, removing Windows from your Mac and restoring it to the original, single partition state is a simple process: open Boot Camp, and check the "Remove Windows 7 or later" box, then click Continue.

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