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Notes for Asymmetry Feature We've added the ability to make your creations asymmetric in the editors!

We used MUSIC version 1.1.15 in revision 8e0a609b298 and MPI (Open MPI 1.6.5). A guide to install these dependencies is provided below. The installation procedure was tested on Debian GNU/Linux 8.7 (jessie).

This guide assumes that you want to install everything into your local home folder In [1]: import nest [INFO] [.../rng_manager.cpp:238 @ Network::create_rngs_] : Creating default RNGs [INFO] [.../rng_manager.cpp:233 @ Network::create_rngs_] : Deleting existing random number generators [INFO] [.../rng_manager.cpp:238 @ Network::create_rngs_] : Creating default RNGs [INFO] [.../rng_manager.cpp:284 @ Network::create_grng_] : Creating new default global RNG -- N E S T -- Copyright (C) 2004 The NEST Initiative Version 2.14.0 Oct 30 2017 This program is provided AS IS and comes with NO WARRANTY.

Fix for occasional crash: Entering planet view on any planet, especially enemy planet Fix for occasional crash: Trying to leave planet view, especially the home planet, especially if there was just an attack and buildings were rebuilt Fix for occasional crash: Loading saved game in Space stage Fix for occasional crash: Entering solar view from galaxy view on NPC system Fix for occasional crash: Galaxy view traveling to a new star by clicking on it Fix for occasional crash: Entering planet view on a Wildlife Sanctuary, especially after loading a saved game Fix for occasional crash: Game crashes when terraforming using Staff Of Life Fix: Entering Creature accessory editor from Tribe stage, Civ Stage, or Space stage could cause a freeze on several machines Fix: In Civ stage with tutorials/hints disabled, after cut scene after selecting city hall game freezes Fix: Lineages dont always show correct parent creations Fix: Certain sporepedia cards show corrupted backgrounds Fix: Unable to reach Grox worlds in some Space stage scenarios Fix for occasional crash: Quickly pressing esc.

to skip cinematic after avatar dies results in crash New: Lineage is displayed for all Asset Types Fix: Adventure Creator: In EP1 open gates were not working correctly when they were disguised.

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