Updating windows 95 to 98 siouxfalls dating com

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In all cases, problems will arise when something goes wrong with an operating system or computer of this vintage.

Software updates are obviously impossible to come by and even if you can replace a failed component, getting Windows 98 to recognise a new motherboard or printer may be tricky, for instance.

Since it’s still a ‘live’ operating system as far as Microsoft is concerned, it’s still widely supported by both hardware and software, but you can expect that to change rapidly once it reaches end-of-life in April 2017.We also suspect some people are still using an older version of Windows on home PCs.Windows 95, 98 or Me won’t be much use in this age of ubiquitous internet, but if you only use a computer offline for word processing, for example, that’s hardly an issue.So we think it will only be a couple of years before Windows XP is dropped altogether by many hardware manufacturers, leaving them to concentrate on operating systems that don’t feature on Antiques Roadshow.If you insist on sticking to XP despite all these warnings, the least you can do is ensure your browser is semi-safe – we’ve got a full rundown here.

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