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Craig David is one of the main Bo' Selecta characters.His catchphrases are "Proper Reet Bo" and "Proper Bo, I tell thee! He is portrayed as having a very large chin, with a beard made with a pen. He carries around a plastic Peregrine Falcon on his wrist named "Kes", as a reference to the film, Kes.In series two, a segment entitled "Michael Jackass" was premièred, which showed Jackson doing dangerous tasks such as wakeboarding drunk, diving in an aquarium tank covered in fish, ice skating naked, diving into a pool with his arms and legs tied up, and skydiving.

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usa irie dating-59

He spends most of his time harassing celebrities at functions such as book signings or movie premières, highlights of which are shown throughout the first two series.

Kes was apparently bought off a man in Huddersfield who had a dog with one leg.

He calls Kes a bastard, often when calling her to return.

In the second series, she becomes a non-weekly character, only appearing three times during the series, appearing in segments when she goes on holiday, shows us her "Crib" and talks about Girls Aloud.

In the third series, she becomes a regular character again, and appears in a segment entitled "The Odd Couple". Michael Jackson is portrayed as a frequent profanitist, usually beginning his segment by shouting "Cha'mone mother fucker!

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