Validating text field

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Hi, Trying to validate two custom fields (select list and text line - multi) but can't get it to work and does not seem to validate properly.

It either parses the first condition or not at all.

This means that the user could put in text, an attachment, a database/view/document link, even a single space.

You can easily add a check to the start of the validation to see if the user added an attachment.This hasn't come up in a while, but someone wanted to validate a rich text field in a recent project.There are a couple ways to do it, and it depends on what you are trying to validate - text and/or other items like attachments or links.The goal of the validation is to display an error message if user selects 'Yes' but leaves the comment field blank/null.I've tried different variations of this condition and switched the conditions around but to no avail.

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