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Joshua Harris is the author of a number of books and is most widely known as the author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye.For ten years, he served as the Senior Pastor of Covenant Life Church.Do you struggle with the doctrine of Total Depravity? Rather, it is a doctrine that is taught throughout the Bible.In Romans chapter three, the Apostle Paul uses scripture from the Old Testament to reveal the full effect of the fall of man. Voddie Baucham explains the four divisions in Romans 3:9-18:"Your sermon of the week is Brokenness by Voddie Baucham.These messages may be some of the most powerful biblically-based preaching you will ever hear on family-related topics -- like raising children, building strong marriages that glorify God, the importance of the family in the Bible, etc. "In the great spiritual warfare the forces of darkness are organized against the Lord and his anointed. The same principle that transformed the family in Geneva is bringing about family reformation in our own time.

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In short, the government education system is no place for the children of people who claim allegiance to the King of Kings." - Dr.

They teach in effect that God has no control of history, that there is no plan of events that God is working out, that God does not foreordain whatsoever comes to pass... In the church I attend, the average family size is 7 and the average number of children per woman is 5.2 while the national average is 2.05.

the public schools are not, never were, can never be, neutral. Let one ask what neutrality can possibly mean when God is involved. This is reflective of a reformation of attitudes toward children.

Voddie Baucham"It is impossible to separate one's view of God, man, truth, knowledge, and ethics from the educational process.

Every day that our children sit behind a desk, they are either being taught to know, love, and obey God or they are being taught to love and obey someone or something that has usurped God's proper role." - Dr.

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