What is fractionation i n dating

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The most basic form of the technique is actually composed from a couple of NLP routines called the ““.

A more advanced version has been developed by Derek Rake which has been expanded by his followers into what’s known as the Fractionation Formula (Google it if you want to find it – it’s free to download).

If you’re a woman and you’re here because you’re wondering why you seemed to have fallen head over heels in love with a man (despite only knowing him for a short time), it could be that you have been “Fractionation-ized”.

See this email screen capture below (taken from In summary, Fractionation Seduction is the usage of psychology and persuasion techniques in rapport building with women.

This is astoundingly powerful, and when compared to other seduction methods which would take many months to work, this is a major breakthrough in seduction knowledge.

A few years back, the usage of fractionation was limited and well guarded – simply because it was seen as a technique which could “harm” women (emotionally at least).

That’s why the definitive resource on the technique, the , is limited in circulation.If you have got no evil intentions then you’ve got nothing to worry about.which could be exploited – it’s an opportunity for a man to “hack” into a woman’s mind and get her to fall in love.A few of these “forbidden patterns” such as the are based on fractionation.Derek Rake himself experimented and created a specialized version known as the Fractionation Formula.

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