Who is chanelle hayes dating

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However, Ziggy simply collected a couple of pay cheques before slowing disappearing back into normal life.But now we have unearthed the star and he has certainly changed.Jeezz chill." She added: "The interview is about my gorgeous new baby not bloody Cheryl!

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At 16 stone and suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, 5ft 4 Chanelle - who has been dating PE teacher Ryan Oates, 35, for a year - wasn't ovulating and was told by doctors it was very unlikely she'd be able to have children at her weight.

Josh Singleton texted a private photo of the Big Brother star to her former lover Jack Tweed.

The snap showed Chanelle moments after a sex act had taken place.

A ruthless Twitter spat has kicked off after Chanelle Hayes slammed those intimate pictures of Jemma Lucy and Chantelle Connelly on their Caribbean break.

The girls have already opened up about their relationship being a 'set-up', with Chanelle now speaking up to brand the whole situation "embarrassing." After fans called her out for fat-shaming Chanelle, Jem defended her point by saying: "Why is disgusting and gross ok but fat isn't.

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