Who is cole sprouse dating right now

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“To the man who has showed me more beautiful places in this past year than I have ever seen in my whole life. Thank you for all of the adventures and here’s to many more 🌙,” Lili captioned a photo that she snapped of him walking through greenery. And while the first season saw Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead go through all sorts of drama (murders! Yet neither has gone on the record about the buzz until now. "People have wanted Lili and Camila [Mendes] to be together. People have wanted every actor on this show to be in a union that they could make real.”Cole’s observation seems to hit on the fact that fans have become so emotionally invested in the lives and relationships of the characters that, at a certain point, it must have had some sort of subliminal kind of effect on the stars of the show, too. Rumors about the two have been swirling since people saw them together in Vancouver, where the show films. Now, Cole Sprouse is opening up to for their Fall TV Preview issue about one of the most pressing cliff-hangers from season 1: Are he and costar Lili Reinhart dating IRL?!Bustle has reached out reps for the actors for comment, but has not yet received a response.According to a February 2016 article, the last anyone knew, Sprouse reportedly was dating Bree Morgan.

“Truthfully, it’s very pleasing that people talk about Lili and I in that way because it means that we’re resonating so strongly that people really want that to be true,” he said.

One of the most famous pairs of twins in Hollywood (right up there with Mary Kate and Ashley, and now Sir and Rumi) might actually be older than what Wikipedia tells you.

Dylan Thomas Sprouse and Cole Mitchell Sprouse’s long-lost triplet has been found, according to this photo unearthed on Twitter by fan Samantha Church.

Sure, Sprouse and Reinhart might post lovey-dovey messages about each other on Instagram or secretly hold hands during interviews, but they haven't asked Skeet Ulrich (F. Jones) about Reinhart and Spouse on a recent red carpet, and his answer was vague but telling."I know they spend time together because they're at work all the time together," Ulrich said with a smile. I wish them the best."When the reporter asked Ulrich if Reinhart and Sprouse have a "special connection," he said, "It seems like it.

You just hear them talk like they've been best friends for 20 years.

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