Who is guy ritchie dating now

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"Coming along nicely #jaxguyjuly," she captioned the black and white pic on July 22.

Days before the nuptials, the bride and groom partied with their friends.

The couple, who began dating in April 2010, are parents to sons Rafael, 3, Levi, 13 months, and daughter Rivka, 2. He was previously wed to pop icon Madonna for eight years until 2008.

‘It was and it wasn’t even the headspace that I was in — I was dating a French guy at the time, I had nothing to lose.

A character from could come through on horseback and nobody would bat an eyelid before handing him a drink.

‘I am never, ever in a hurry to leave this place and get back to f***ing London,’ says Guy, and his wife agrees — though they spend most of their time at their townhouse in Marylebone. ‘Guy recently asked David if he could remember a time before me, and he said he couldn’t,’ she says.

It’s the first time in my life I’d drunk before work, I’m always very professional. Jacqui wanted the kids to have something in common.

And he rang me at work and said, “You are coming back tonight, aren’t you? As for her stepsons, she says, ‘You know, David’s a dream-boat, and so’s Rocco — they’re both fabulous human beings. Guy’s divorce was two years before I even arrived on the scene, so I think I came in at the right time of their lives, very lovely ages — Rocco must have been eight and David four.

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