Who is sonam kapoor dating now baha39i faith dating site

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Whether you’re bedding every lady in sight or pining after the girl you don’t have the balls to ask out, we’ve got good news for you: help is on the way.Courtesy India’s hottest women, who have, really, seen it all.

From accusing Kareena of being a pregnant stalker to quizzing Sonam about their secret Kapoor Sisters and co. While Kareena's an open book, Sonam likes to keep her personal life private and so far, the actress has succeeded.According to a report in The two have been reportedly dating for over a year now, and have started making appearances together at private parties, and have even holidayed together.Sonam Kapoor guards her personal life fiercely and does not feel it is necessary to talk about it in public.Be nice but realistic – something where the woman thinks, ‘Really?Yes, maybe that’s possible.”The fire: “You have to find ways to keep igniting it.

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