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The Sirius/XM issue has been resolved by SXM and the service should now be working with all Denon products that were previously affected.

If you find your model is still not working, please try reconnecting to your network and then try connecting to SXM again.

The only way to fix it is to stop and restart the car. The music continues to play clearly without interruption.

Sometimes XM will stay on but the song/artist won't update until I switch to another station and then switch back I can confirm this.. It happens on all 5 of the channels I have preset on one of my XM settings.

I spoke with technical support at Sirius/XM and they felt it was a hardware issue and suggested I see my Nissan dealer.

Obviously it is a somewhat common problem based on info describing my exact problem both here and on a Nissan forum.

I would appreciate hearing if anyone else has found a resolution to this problem. Between satellites, in city repeaters, and natural signal decreases caused by structures and weather.

I've always thought the whole satellite radio system was a joke accompanied by ridiculous pricing.

It's overly compressed and having had the service 7 years ago and comparing it to today's offering, they have seriously lost the quality since merging as they really don't have any competition.

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